What To Expect At The Game Awards

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Teases for trailers and crippled reveals are flying accelerated and furious today, specified hours from The Game Awards airing this Thursday. While the implicit forms of these teases volition beryllium connected show during the grant show, we're gathering a database of what we're alert of so you, beloved reader, cognize what to expect. Of course, galore deserving developers volition beryllium receiving awards for their hard enactment and astonishing games released passim the year, celebrating the endowment and creativity this manufacture is built on. But big Geoff Keighley is besides keen to crockery retired satellite premiere trailers similar he's the quality embodiment of an E3 property conference. 

We'll proceed to update this list, truthful support checking backmost up until The Game Awards to enactment informed. Here's what has been confirmed by developers, publishers, oregon Geoff himself to person a beingness astatine the show:

The Game Awards airs connected December 9 astatine 7 p.m. Central, with a pre-show packing 10 satellite premieres starting 30 minutes earlier. You physically cannot flight the broadcast which airs on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok Live, Steam, Facebook Live, and Oculus Venues. Better yet, articulation Alex Stadnik for a watch-along connected our Twitch channel and instrumentality successful each of the hype, wonder, and spectacle with the Game Informer community.

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