Souldiers Is An Action-Packed, Soulslike Metroidvania Coming Next Year

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Fans of action-heavy Metroidvanias should support an oculus connected the newly-announced Souldiers. No, that’s not a misspelling but alternatively a hint arsenic to what benignant of crippled you’re successful for. Developed by Retro Forge Games and published by Dear Villagers, Souldiers is simply a beauteous 16-bit Soulslike that already looks impressive.

Players take from 1 of 3 upgradable classes – a sword-wielding scout, a spellcaster, and an archer – to conflict their mode done a myriad of enemies and bosses. You athletics a parry and dodge and research a large, interconnected satellite filled with biology puzzles. You'll besides walk a large woody of clip platforming crossed assorted obstacles. Retro Forge doesn't item the Souls aspects other than promising the trouble won't beryllium for the faint of heart. Are your actions governed by a stamina meter? Do you suffer everything upon decease and person to retrieve it successful the adjacent life? We'll hopefully find retired more before Souldiers launches connected Switch and PC successful Spring 2022. 

Souldiers whitethorn tally down the checklist of what has seemingly go the modern indie game, but it's pugnacious to contradict that it looks similar a blast. The enactment looks great, and the elaborate pixel creation is simply a contender for a retro crippled quality contest.  What bash you deliberation of Souldiers? Share your thoughts successful the comments! 

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