Sony Unveils Midnight Black PlayStation 5 Headset

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Sony has pulled the curtain backmost connected a midnight achromatic mentation of its Pulse 3D wireless headset. The caller colour matches perfectly with the black DualSense controller the institution announced successful May. Does this mean Sony is inching person to announcing an all-black PlayStation 5? It astir apt won't hap anytime soon, but this is another step towards the acheronian side. 

As you tin spot successful the trailer below, it is so a achromatic mentation of the PS5’s proprietary headset. There are nary differences successful functionality; it inactive outputs 3D audio, features noise-canceling microphones, and runs connected a rechargeable battery. It conscionable collects ungraded and grime little obviously. It hits stores connected October 22, and you tin pre-order it now for $99.99. 

In different PlayStation 5 news, a large firmware update hits contiguous that enables interior retention expansion. It besides improves visibility erstwhile it comes to displaying whether oregon not you’re playing the PS5 oregon PS4 mentation of a game, among different tweaks. You tin work each astir it here

Will you beryllium picking up a achromatic Pulse 3D headset? How agelong bash you deliberation it volition beryllium until we get an all-black PlayStation 5? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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