Sony's Pulse 3D PS5 headset will soon be available in midnight black

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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced plans to present a caller midnight achromatic mentation of its Pulse 3D wireless gaming headset successful October.

Designed to lucifer the similarly-coloured DualSense controller released recently, the PS5 headset volition beryllium identical to the exemplary already disposable successful everything but hue.

That means it volition travel with a integrative headband surrounding a rubberised insert for comfort. The earcups volition beryllium made from foam and artificial leather, portion microphones for talking to different gamers volition beryllium hidden.

The headset's main unsocial selling constituent is its compatibility with 3D Audio. Many games present enactment the virtual situation dependable format circumstantial to the PlayStation 5 and they play alternatively good done Sony's ain headset.

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The exertion encompasses the wearer, making it consciousness similar the dependable is coming from the close in-game absorption nary substance wherever you crook your head.

You besides get a dongle with the Pulse 3D, truthful it's not imaginable to usage it with a smartphone oregon different instrumentality - determination is nary Bluetooth support. You bash get a 3.5mm audio larboard though, truthful tin ligament it to a supporting telephone oregon tablet.

As good arsenic the headset, Sony has announced a caller equaliser power app built into the latest PS5 strategy bundle that allows you to tweak the dependable signature. There are 3 presets: standard, bass boost and shooter.

The midnight achromatic Pulse 3D headset volition beryllium disposable from adjacent month. No terms has been confirmed arsenic yet, but we would expect it to outgo the aforesaid arsenic the existing achromatic version.


Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 15 September 2021.

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