Should you buy or sell Bitcoin after falling below $55,000?

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  • Bitcoin extended the existent declines beneath $55,000 connected Friday.

  • The pioneer cryptocurrency was not spared amid fears of the caller Covid variant.

  • Bitcoin inactive enjoys beardown enactment from the 100-day MA.

The Bitcoin terms (BTC/USD) is down much than 7% implicit the past 24 hours amid increasing concerns astir the caller covid variant. The pioneer cryptocurrency was not spared successful the latest clang successful cryptocurrency prices arsenic investors shifted their assets towards much unchangeable instruments.

The BTC/USD is besides nether unit due to the fact that of the $3 cardinal bitcoin options scheduled to expire connected Black Friday. The marketplace liquidated $670 cardinal worthy of BTC successful the past 24 hours amid an accrued sell-off.

Is the pullback an accidental to buy?

From an concern perspective, Bitcoin is inactive viewed arsenic a imaginable aboriginal replacement of fiat currency. As a result, its semipermanent outlook remains affirmative with much mainstream fiscal services providers embracing crypto.

In the past 24 hours, the BTC trading measurement accrued by astir 22% contempt falling cryptocurrency prices. 

This implies that determination are those looking to capitalise connected the Covid-driven diminution to bargain much bitcoin portion others fly the market.

Technically, the BTC/USD seems to beryllium trading wrong a descending transmission enactment successful the intraday chart. As a result, bitcoin has plummeted person to the oversold conditions of the 14-day RSI.

However, with the pioneer cryptocurrency yet to scope oversold conditions, investors could people extended declines astatine astir $49,301, oregon little astatine $44,435. 

On the different hand, if the 100-day MA provides coagulated enactment triggering a rebound, bitcoin could find absorption astatine astir $59,062, oregon higher astatine $63,582.

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