Simmons' bold $1.3 million Sixers declaration

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Disgruntled NBA prima Ben Simmons has declared his willingness to wage $1.3m successful fines for skipping the Philadelphia 76ers grooming camp arsenic the narration betwixt the prima and franchise continues to spiral.

During a gathering with the squad past month Simmons informed ownership and the beforehand bureau that helium nary longer wants to play for the squad and doesn't mean connected reporting for squad activities up of the season.

According to ESPN newsman Brian Windhorst, Simmons' absorption is "prepared for that ramification" if the NBA hits the erstwhile No.1 prime with a reported $227,000 for each signifier helium misses successful the offseason.

"[Fining Simmons] is what they could do," Windhorst said connected The Hoop Collective Podcast. "The Simmons side, basically, has told maine 'We are prepared for that ramification.'"

Ben Simmons playing hardball. (Getty)

Simmons is utilizing his leverage to unit a speedy exit retired of Philadelphia contempt having 4 years and a $147m remaining connected his deal.

The Sixers would alternatively hold until adjacent play for a trade, giving the Australian ample clip to rebuild his value.

If Philadelphia are forced to propulsion the trigger connected a Simmons commercialized up of the season, the franchise volition beryllium forced to devour a woody they don't want.

One squad that has expressed immense involvement successful trading for Simmons has been the Minnesota Timberwolves. The 76ers person engaged successful talks with the squad adjacent though Simmons has specifically asked to beryllium traded to either the Warriors, Lakers oregon Clippers.

The lone happening holding up a woody betwixt the 2 teams is the deficiency of assets that would assistance the Sixers triumph now. Minnesota has kept Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns disconnected the trading artifact truthful acold and that's improbable to change.

Players specified arsenic D'Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, and Jaden McDaniels person been offered up but each autumn abbreviated of Simmons successful presumption of axenic talent.

The Athletic's Shams Charania reported that some teams are inactive looking for a 3rd oregon adjacent 4th squad to bring into the woody to get the Sixers much win-now talent.

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