Thirsty Suitors Lets You Fight Your Exes And Disappoint Your Parents

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Falcon Age developers Outerloop Games person announced Thirsty Suitors, a stylized story-driven escapade wherever you play arsenic Jala, a pistillate who finds herself having to woody with aged mistakes and household issues erstwhile returning location for her sister's wedding. It was shown disconnected arsenic a portion of The Game Awards pre-show festivities.

Thirsty Suitors' debut trailer shows it volition beryllium thing but the typical self-reflecting indie drama. While Jala volition be reconciling with her migrant household and their customs (along with a barrage of suitors acceptable up by her grandmother), she'll besides person to contend with the assorted exes she near in her hometown. Along the way, Jala will enactment successful turn-based battles, skateboarding challenges, and aggravated cooking scenes, which each look flashy and fun. 

Outerloop Games is simply a workplace that prides itself connected its composition of underrepresented cultures and the quality to aboveground those cultures in the games it makes, with Thirsty Suitors having a heavy Indian power connected its benignant and quality heritage. In a property release, Thirsty Suitor manager and co-founder of Outerloop, Chandana Ekanayake, says, "Our ngo astatine Outerloop Games is to make accessible games astir underrepresented cultures, and Thirsty Suitors will springiness players a glimpse into our teams’ idiosyncratic experiences increasing up, which mightiness beryllium vastly antithetic from what players person experienced themselves."

Thirsty Suitors, which is being published by Annapurna Interactive, does not person a released date, with the trailer lone sharing that it's coming soon. Nor bash we cognize which platforms it volition look on. But, fearfulness not, we'll beryllium definite to fto you cognize erstwhile that accusation becomes available.

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