'Shattered' Politis reveals tears over Manu hit

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Sydney Roosters president Nick Politis says helium was brought to tears by the show of Joey Manu's swollen look pursuing ex-teammate Latrell Mitchell's monster deed connected him.

Manu volition miss the remainder of the play aft undergoing country and having plates inserted into his face, portion Mitchell was suspended for the remainder of the season for the incidental which occurred during a spiteful Roosters-Rabbitohs clash past Friday.

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The incidental sparked wide absorption crossed the full NRL landscape, with immoderate pundits slamming Mitchell for his actions portion others, specified arsenic league guru Phil Gould, believed the clash was wholly accidental.

Speaking to Roosters Radio, Politis said Mitchell's deed connected Manu "wasn't necessary", and said he'd been successful interaction with some Manu and his household since helium suffered the injury.

Joey Manu is pulled distant by teammates aft suffering a feature wounded aft being deed by Latrell Mitchell. (Getty)

"I was shattered for Joey," helium said.

"Forget astir the result, conscionable the fact, erstwhile you spot that country connected TV that helium went backmost to Latrell with tears successful his eyes and his look busted, and helium didn't spell backmost with immoderate animosity oregon to person a combat helium went backmost and said, 'Why, why, what's the substance with you?', and astir apt utilized a fewer different words.

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"'We're bully mates, we won 2 expansive finals together, we won 2 expansive finals together. Why did you bash that?'. That to maine conscionable broke maine up I had tears successful my eyes.

"I spoke to him connected Saturday and Sunday and I spoke to his parents successful New Zealand connected Sunday.

Sydney Roosters brag Nick Politis says helium was brought to tears by the show of Manu's swollen look (Daniel Munoz/Fairfax Media)

"They are specified a bully family. His parents are beauteous radical He is backmost with the boys. He is bully and recovering well. [Sydney Roosters manager Trent Robinson] said his look is truly swollen up.

"He is affirmative and putting it down him and looking guardant to adjacent year. He is specified a fantastic guy. It wasn't necessary."

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Robinson and the Roosters were deed with a $40,000 fine aft the Roosters manager teed disconnected astatine the referees pursuing the match connected Friday night, but contempt the hefty fiscal implications, Politis called his coach's tirade "fantastic for our players".

Robinson has accepted a $20,000 good for his comments to spell on with a antecedently suspended $10,000 good for a akin post-match tirade, but admitted helium wouldn't alteration his actions if helium had his clip again.

Roosters manager Trent Robinson was near fuming astatine the referees pursuing the lucifer connected Friday nighttime (Getty)

"I accepted the breach myself and the nine the different day, truthful I recognize that the worldly that I've said successful the game, I basal by what I said successful that crippled post-match, and my views connected that," Robinson said.

"But I besides recognize that the NRL has to enactment connected immoderate things that I said. That's the equilibrium of our game. I'm going to springiness my sentiment connected that.

"I afloat recognize wherever the good comes from, I cognize determination was connection you can't use.

"But I would beryllium successful determination and present the aforesaid post-match property league that I delivered and that doesn't mean immoderate disrespect to the NRL.

"I recognize their decision, but they besides person to recognize my position. And I basal down that."

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