Sennheiser announces CX Plus, affordable TWS buds with ANC

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(Pocket-lint) - Sennheiser has announced a caller brace of true wireless earbuds to adhd to its much affordable CX series lineup. This brace is called the CX Plus True Wireless, and adds progressive sound cancelling (ANC) to the equation. 

From a plan position there's precise small quality betwixt these and the CX exemplary that came before. It's fundamentally conscionable the aforesaid brace of buds, but with added ANC

Each earbud has a interaction delicate aboveground for controlling audio and calls, and each besides features 2 mics designed to prime up your dependable intelligibly erstwhile making hands-free calls. What's more, they're autarkic from each different truthful that you tin usage either 1 oregon the other. 


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If you instrumentality an earbud out, it'll automatically intermission your euphony and past resumes erstwhile you enactment it backmost successful your receptor again. And - with the artillery successful the lawsuit - volition springiness you astir 24 hours of euphony listening clip successful betwixt charges. 

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As good arsenic the progressive sound cancelling, Sennheiser has built successful Bluetooth 5.2 enactment arsenic good arsenic some aptX and aptX Adaptive. That means debased latency and precocious solution audio capabilities you don't typically get successful astir models successful this terms range. 

Sennheiser says it has designed the buds to beryllium comfortable, unafraid and person IPX4 splash resistance rating, truthful they should past erstwhile caught successful airy rain. 


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The CX Plus from Sennheiser volition beryllium disposable from 28 September successful achromatic oregon achromatic colourways with a terms acceptable astatine a precise tenable £129 successful the UK oregon €159.90. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 13 September 2021.

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