Sen. Roy Blunt Blasted For Absurd Lie That Infrastructure Bill Costs $3.5 Trillion A Year

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Sen. Roy Blunt lied and tried to archer reporters that the infrastructure volition outgo $3.5 trillion successful 1 twelvemonth erstwhile the outgo is dispersed retired implicit a decade.

Video of Sen. Blunt:

The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend spree is 67% higher than the $2.1 trillion spent by each 50 states combined successful 2019. Let that descend in.

— Senator Roy Blunt (@RoyBlunt) September 28, 2021

Blunt claimed that cipher knows what a trillion dollars is, and said, “The argumentation unit person checked and successful 2019 each 50 states, each enactment together, spent $2.1 trillion. All of the authorities authorities spending successful America including the national authorities wealth we gave them similar the national road passthrough funds that they spent that was $2.1 trillion, each 50 states.”

Blunt went connected to repetition his mendacious assertion a 3rd time, that the reconciliation measure costs much than the spending of each 50 states.

Sen. Blunt’s assertion is mendacious due to the fact that the outgo of the reconciliation measure is dispersed retired implicit 10 years, truthful the yearly outgo is $350 billion, oregon astir one-eighth of what states walk successful a year.

Sen. Blunt’s Lie Was Met With A Stern Rebuke

GovTrack noted that the existent outgo of the measure is 80% little than what states walk successful a year.

.@RoyBlunt is 67% much lying with numbers than bananas person teeth. It's $3.5T implicit *ten years*. So it's 80% LESS than states spent successful 2019.

— GovTrack.🇺🇸 (@govtrack) September 28, 2021

Sam Stein tweeted:

This is…. silly. It’s $3.5t implicit 10 years. nary successful 1 year.

Alternatively…. the Pentagon fund was $703.7b successful 2021. Lets accidental they flatlined that for 10 years. That’s 7 trillion plus. Or, roughly, 2 times bigger than this bill.

— Sam Stein (@samstein) September 28, 2021

Republicans cognize that the policies successful the measure are popular, truthful they are lying astir the cost.

Sen. Blunt didn’t misspeak. He was trying to make a talking point, but his talking constituent is truthful blatantly mendacious that it was rapidly debunked. Republicans don’t privation to reason against the provisions of the Build Back Better agenda, truthful they are trying to scare radical with lies astir the cost.

It won’t work.

All Sen. Blunt did was uncover however consenting Republicans are to prevarication if it means not giving the American radical what they want.

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