Segway's robot lawnmower doesn't need a boundary wire

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(Pocket-lint) - Segway is moving into robot lawnmowers and has revealed a bot that uses GPS and different sensors that mean it tin ditch bound wires and enactment much intelligently. 

The institution astir well-known for its balancing scooters is present looking to revolutionise the robotic lawnmower marketplace with the Segway Navimow. 

The Navimow is theoretically a nifty upgrade to astir different robot lawnmowers arsenic it's utilizing other quality to get the occupation done. Traditionally these bots usually request a bound ligament buried astir the borderline of your plot successful bid to alert the instrumentality erstwhile it's getting excessively adjacent to the bound and forestall problems. 

The Segway Navimow alternatively boasts thing called the "Exact Fusion Locating System" (EFLS) which uses a substance of GPS and different sensors to show the machine's position. This past allows the idiosyncratic to found virtual boundaries wrong the accompanying app. 

All this means that the Navimow is not lone easier to acceptable up but besides that you don't request to harm your tract to instal it. The EFLS exertion besides has different uses arsenic well, including anti-theft quality that detects if idiosyncratic is adjacent and notifies you via the app. 

Segway says that the Navimow volition automatically decipher the astir businesslike mode to chopped your lawn. It is besides designed to larn and amended further implicit time. Like robot vacuum cleaners, it besides has anti-collision sensors truthful it tin spot and debar obstacles oregon enactment astir them. 

More importantly, Segway’s BladeStop strategy is designed to forestall mishaps by automatically stopping the blades from spinning if a idiosyncratic oregon favored comes adjacent portion a chopped is successful progress. 

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With a 10,200 mAh battery, the Navimow is said to beryllium capable to grip lawns of up to 3,000 quadrate meters. It besides boasts IPX6 water-resistance to debar problems with rainfall and a sensor that volition nonstop it backmost to its dock should determination beryllium a downpour. 

Naturally, the Navimow volition spell retired and chopped much often than you would with a accepted idiosyncratic powered lawnmower, but it's besides quiescent and efficient. Operating astatine conscionable 58 dB, Segway says it is considerably quieter than astir lawnmowers.

The Navimow is disposable present successful four antithetic models with prices starting from 1,499 Euro ($1,800).

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 6 September 2021.

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