Scott rips 'highly unprofessional' sports doctor

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Geelong manager Chris Scott has swiped backmost astatine seasoned sports doc Peter Larkins aft Larkins insinuated that the Cats were mismanaging Tom Stewart's wounded rehab.

Stewart, a three-time All-Australian defender, has been sidelined with a Lisfranc wounded successful his foot, but has not yet been ruled retired for the remainder of the season.

After Scott refused to adjacent the doorway connected a imaginable expansive last instrumentality for Stewart aft past week's semi-final triumph implicit the GWS Giants, Larkins took to twitter to accidental suggestions the 28-year-old could instrumentality this twelvemonth were "delusional".

The seasoned doctor's instrumentality was slammed by Scott successful his mid-week property league connected Wednesday arsenic fiercely defended Geelong's aesculapian staff.

Geelong is inactive holding retired location that Stewart could beryllium acceptable for a imaginable expansive last successful 3 weeks' clip (Getty)

"Tom is connected a programme that was laid retired by the precise champion aesculapian experts and anyone who questions that, particularly erstwhile they're a level beneath that expertise, doesn't truly cognize what they're talking about," Scott said.

"He's pursuing a program that was laid retired close from the commencement and helium conscionable keeps ticking disconnected those days. If helium makes it, helium makes it; if helium doesn't, helium doesn't. There's not going to beryllium overmuch country for grey there.

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"We're assured we person the precise champion radical successful Australia certainly, possibly adjacent the satellite who are crossed this.

"Someone successful the aesculapian assemblage who hasn't had the accidental to look astatine the concern successful detail, throwing haymakers similar that from the inexpensive seats I deliberation is highly unprofessional.

Dr Larkins was a cardinal portion of the Nine Network's AFL sum during the mid-2000s (Ray Kennedy)

"But possibly helium [Larkins] doesn't see his relation successful the crippled present to beryllium 1 of a aesculapian assemblage first, possibly he's an entertainer."

After spending a fig of weeks successful a satellite boot, Stewart has resumed moving successful caller days arsenic helium gradually builds the load connected his injured foot.

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Despite the optimism surrounding Stewart, 1 prima Cat volition not instrumentality this season, with youngster Brandan Parfitt ruled retired for the play aft suffering a hamstring wounded against the Giants.

Scott's Cats volition look insignificant premiers Melbourne successful a blockbuster preliminary last connected Friday nighttime astatine the Optus Stadium successful Perth.

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