'Scapegoat' left stranded by Latrell furore

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Rugby league fable Billy Slater says video referee Henry Perenara has been made a scapegoat amidst the fallout from Latrell Mitchell's deed connected Joey Manu.

Perenara, a erstwhile subordinate and referee, was successful the Bunker connected Friday night, and came nether dense disapproval from Roosters manager Trent Robinson aft the match.

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Robinson, similar many, felt that Mitchell should person been sent disconnected for the changeable connected Manu, alternatively than sent to the sin-bin for 10 minutes.

Mitchell was subsequently suspended for six weeks by the lucifer reappraisal committee, while Perenara was stood down from the Melbourne-Parramatta lucifer connected Saturday night.

Referee Ashley Klein sends Latrell Mitchell of the Rabbitohs to the sin-bin for a precocious tackle connected Joseph Manu of the Roosters. (Getty)

Speaking instantly aft the match, Robinson lashed Perenara for not intervening sooner.

"Perenara, who's expected to cognize immoderate footy, sitting up successful the container – and past doesn't bash thing astir it," helium said.

"For possibly 30, 40, 50 seconds, doesn't bash a happening astir it. Joey Manu does thing astir it.

Roosters centre Joey Manu pursuing Latrell Mitchell's brutal deed connected Friday night. (Getty)

"They didn't cognize what they were doing. How bash you nonstop that for 10 successful the bin?"

Robinson was subsequently fined $20,000 for the outburst, which besides activated a $10,000 suspended good from earlier successful the season.

Speaking connected 2GB's Wide World of Sports Radio, Slater defended the determination not to nonstop Mitchell from the field.

"Trent Robinson is moving precocious connected adrenaline and emotion [in the property conference], that's close aft the crippled [and] Joey Manu's conscionable been taken to hospital," helium said.

"He's got immoderate points, but I deliberation individually pointing retired Henry Perenara successful this concern [is not right]. Henry mislaid his presumption successful the adjacent crippled owed to that and that's wherever the crippled is.

Latrell Mitchell of South Sydney. (Getty)

"The crippled has gone from sending radical disconnected to conscionable giving them 10 [minutes] successful the bin."

Slater noted that had Mitchell been fixed his marching orders, that determination would person been arguable successful its ain way.

"If Henry Perenara had sent [Latrell Mitchell] off, radical would've been jumping up and down and saying, 'Well, that hasn't happened for a while, wherefore did helium bash that?'" Slater explained.

"I tin recognize Trent's frustration, but the punishment surely is there. I knew erstwhile I listened to that property league that helium was successful a spot of strife, helium was speaking his caput and unluckily you can't spell astatine the referees similar that, an idiosyncratic referee successful particular.

"The different happening you've got to deliberation astir is, Henry whitethorn person made a mistake to not nonstop him off, but if we sat everyone retired erstwhile they've made a mistake - a player, a manager - we're not sacking players and coaches, we're not putting them speech for 1 mistake.

"Henry Perenara is surely a scapegoat successful each of this."

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