Save £50 on a Beer Hawk PerfectDraft machine and keg this Black Friday

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(Pocket-lint) - Beer retailer Beer Hawk is offering immoderate superb Black Friday deals connected a PerfectDraft instrumentality and a 6-litre keg to spell with it - perfect for getting your enactment started this Christmas.

The PerfectDraft is made by Philips and, erstwhile matched with 1 of implicit 40 antithetic kegs from each mode of brew brands, it tin determination the cleanable pint each time. What's more, determination are much than 10 pints of lager, IPA oregon different of your favourite tipples successful each keg.

The instrumentality chills the brew down to 3-degrees and keeps it caller for up to 30 days. It besides comes with an LED readout telling you the somesthesia and however overmuch is near to pour.

There are a fig of deals connected Beer Hawk's site, which you tin cheque retired below.

PerfectDraft Stella Artois starter bundle - present  conscionable  £229.50

Get everything you request successful this starter bundle - the PerfectDraft machine, 2 glasses and a keg of Stella Artois lager. All for conscionable £279.50 £229.50.

PerfectDraft Goose Island starter bundle - conscionable  £233.50

If a bully IPA is much your thing, this starter bundle includes 2 glasses, the PerfectDraft instrumentality and the large Goose Island IPA. It's reduced to £283.50 £233.50.

Save £50 connected  this PerfectDraft Budweiser bundle

Get the aforesaid large machines and 2 escaped glasses, positive a 6L keg of Budweiser for conscionable £280.50 £230.50.

PerfectDraft instrumentality   and glasses for nether  £200

If you program to adhd a keg aboriginal oregon privation 1 that's not included successful a starter bundle, this woody is the 1 for you. Get the instrumentality and 2 glasses for the astonishing terms of £249 £199.

Bear Hawk besides sells much than 40 antithetic kegs for the PerfectDraft and is offering 15 per cent disconnected if you bargain three.

If you instrumentality a keg, you besides get £5 successful brew tokens to redeem connected a further visit. Check retired each the Beer Hawk keg deals here.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 25 November 2021.

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