Sam Asghari: Get to know Britney Spears' fiancé

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(CNN)When Sam Asghari needs dependable advice, helium goes to his sisters.

"When I request an honorable opinion, I spell to my sisters," he told Men's Health. "I learned a batch astir women from them, and I learned a batch astir respecting women."

They indispensable person taught him good due to the fact that he's present engaged to Britney Spears, his woman of much than 4 years.

    Here's what we cognize astir him:

      He has a consciousness of humor

      Following Spears announcing connected her verified Instagram account that Asghari had popped the question, histrion Octavia Spencer near a comment.

      "Make him motion a prenup," Spencer wrote.

      Rather than beryllium offended, Asghari replied to Spencer with the 100 emoji meant to correspond 100 percent.

      Spencer's remark was liked much than 25,000 times. Asghari besides took to his Instastory to guarantee everyone that a prenuptial statement would beryllium happening.

      "Thank you everyone who is acrophobic astir The prenup!" helium wrote. "Of people we're getting robust clad prenup to support my jeep and footwear postulation successful lawsuit she dumps maine 1 day."

      Fitness is his jam

      The 27-year-old personal-trainer turned histrion has an online concern called Asghari Fitness, which offers personalized nutrition and fittingness coaching.

      He and Spears person a shared committedness to athleticism.

      "A batch of radical don't get that she's a crazy, brainsick athlete. We play tennis together," helium told Men's Fitness. "We play ping-pong together. She's truly bully astatine ping-pong. It's a existent competition."

      "Grateful to person Sam to enactment successful signifier with," she wrote successful the caption. "Couples that workout unneurotic enactment unneurotic ."

      He's present for Britney's happiness

      While the Men's Fitness interrogation occurred earlier their caller engagement, Asghari already sounded similar a doting husband.

      "I conscionable privation her to beryllium happy, if it makes her blessed I'll bash it," helium told the publication." I'm not going to argue. What's that saying? 'Happy wife, blessed life."

      You tin support the fame

        While plentifulness person accused him of utilizing Spears for exposure, Asghari said "Fame is not a job."

        "I don't privation to instrumentality it excessively seriously. And I don't deliberation that's ever going to change, to beryllium honest," helium said. "I don't privation to messiness with my happiness oregon messiness with my spirit. No fame successful the satellite is worthy that."

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