Ruby Rose alleges unsafe working conditions on 'Batwoman' set

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(CNN)Ruby Rose says unsafe moving conditions and a toxic civilization on the CW bid "Batwoman" led to their departure from the amusement successful 2020.

Rose played superhero Kate Kane for 1 season.

The Australian actor, who identifies arsenic sex fluid and uses they/them and she/her pronouns, took to Instagram Wednesday to callback their acquisition connected the show.

    Rose said they were injured successful a stunt during accumulation and required exigency country to repair 2 herniated discs.

      "I person capable documentation to marque a 1 hr documentary," they wrote, adding they had a breached cervix and rib. Rose alleges producers threatened to recast them if they didn't instrumentality to enactment soon aft surgery.

      "I wasn't allowed to determination for 10 days, and I wasn't allowed to train. We re-did the docket truthful that I could bash the stunts that I wanted to bash aboriginal successful clip erstwhile I had recovered better," Rose aboriginal told Buzzfeed successful 2019 astir the incident

      Rose besides claims different unit members were injured connected set.

      Warner Bros. Television Group, the workplace down the series, which similar CNN is portion of WarnerMedia, disputes Rose's allegations.

      "Despite the revisionist past that Ruby Rose is present sharing online aimed astatine the producers, the formed and crew, the network, and the studio, the information is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to workout its enactment to prosecute Ruby for Season Two of Batwoman based connected aggregate complaints astir workplace behaviour that were extensively reviewed and handled privately retired of respect for each concerned," a spokesperson for the workplace said successful a connection to CNN.

      Representatives for the CW, which airs the series, person not yet responded to CNN's petition for comment.

        Rose's relation has been recast and Wallis Day became Kate Kane successful the 2nd season.

        Rose ended their allegations with, "I DID NOT QUIT. They ruined Kate Kane and they destroyed Batwoman, not me. I followed orders..."

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