More Steam Users Are Still Playing Farming Simulator 22 Over Battlefield 2142

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Over the past mates of days, sites similar Game Rant, which we archetypal saw aboveground these stats, person been keeping an oculus connected however Steam users are spending their clip by comparing 2 disparate but caller titles from the period of November. One is simply a humble farming sim, portion the different is simply a blockbuster multiplayer shooter. Which would you conjecture much radical are playing connected the level conscionable weeks aft launch? As of 6:30 p.m. connected November 30, Farming Simulator 22 was beating Battlefield 2042 successful concurrent Steam users. That's a spot of a surprise, yeah?

In the representation supra (captured from Steam's ain information you tin spot here), the numbers connected the near correspond existent progressive players for each game, portion the numbers connected the close are full players for the day. As of the clip of this snapshot, Farming Simulator 22 had implicit 3,000 much existent players than Battlefield 2042. 

However, clip of time does substance erstwhile collecting this data. A scant 45 minutes later, astatine 7:15 p.m., the tables had turned successful favour of Battlefield with 27,685 progressive players compared to the 26,782 playing Farming Simulator, which you tin spot below. 

Active subordinate counts volition leap astir passim the day, but the important numbers to instrumentality distant from this are the full regular numbers which shows astir treble the regular users focused connected agriculture versus those partaking successful virtual war, 79,410 vs. 34,599, respectively. That's a large quality successful mindshare for Steam users this week.

Now, determination are rather a fewer factors to see erstwhile looking astatine these numbers. First, we aren't seeing the full picture. Battlefield connected PC is disposable successful different storefronts similar Origin and wouldn't beryllium included successful these stats, and it doesn't relationship astatine each for console players. Second, we're looking astatine numbers precocious connected a Tuesday afternoon/early evening. Not precisely the red-hot hours for gaming. Although, we tin origin successful Game Rant's data from this play which had Farm Sim with 30,000 much progressive players. And third, portion possibly not a immense factor, Farming Simulator is the newer game, releasing a full 3 days aft Battlefield, though a small longer if you see 2042's aboriginal entree period. 

Whether these numbers are concerning oregon not is entirely up to EA and Dice, the ones who tin spot the full picture. But cognition is what it is erstwhile the nationalist tin see whether a big, breathtaking AAA merchandise looks to beryllium little fashionable than planting crops.

If you privation to cognize much astir Battlefield 2042, we person a reappraisal you tin work right here from our precise ain Alex Van Aken. 

What are you playing close now? Are you 1 of the galore Farm Sim fans, oregon are you squading up successful Battlefield? Is your Steam clip going towards thing other wholly similar Inscryption? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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