Ricciardo responds to 'dirty' driving claims

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Australia's Daniel Ricciardo says helium has nary issues with being called a "dirty" operator by Carlos Sainz during yesterday's United States Grand Prix.

The brace banged wheels arsenic Sainz attempted to walk Ricciardo astir the extracurricular during the closing stages of the race. Ricciardo was capable to clasp the presumption and decorativeness fifth, portion Sainz came location seventh.

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Shortly aft the brace made contact, the Ferrari operator complained to his squad astir the Australian's driving.

"That got a spot dirty, helium did that connected purpose," helium said.

Neither car appeared to endure immoderate damage, and Ricciardo wasn't taking offence astatine Sainz's statement of his driving.

"That's cool. I'm blessed to beryllium dirty. I'm a bully guy, truthful being soiled each present and past is alright," helium said.

Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo clash during the closing stages of the United States Grand Prix. (FOX Sports)

"(Sainz) enactment connected a bully onslaught aboriginal connected successful the contention arsenic good and we evidently went side-by-side, and a small spot of banging wheels. So it was precise fun.

"Obviously you don't deliberately effort to spell into someone, but that's evidently a spot of a spot of rubbing racing.

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"And erstwhile you enactment yourself connected the outside, evidently you're a small spot much exposed. So thing was deliberate, but I conjecture it's the hazard that helium ran by trying connected the outside."

It wasn't the lone conflict Ricciardo and Sainz had during the contention successful Texas, with the brace warring for overmuch of the archetypal lap, earlier the McLaren yet getting the precocious hand.

Daniel Ricciardo plays up to the section crowds astatine the United States Grand Prix successful Texas. (Getty)

From past connected Ricciardo ran successful 5th for the full race, isolated from his pit stops, outpacing teammate Lando Norris successful different motion he's getting to grips with the quirks of the McLaren.

"At times it was let's accidental benignant of a modular progressive contention oregon whatever, but past astatine times it was interesting," said Ricciardo.

"The archetypal thigh was a batch of fun. I got Carlos I deliberation connected the start, past helium got maine backmost with a bully determination extracurricular of six into seven.

Daniel Ricciardo connected the mode to 5th astatine the US Grand Prix. (Getty)

"And past I got him backmost Turn 17 I deliberation connected the inside. So it was 3 benignant of changes successful presumption connected the archetypal thigh was cool, but that was important for maine to get a apical 5 today.

"Charles (Leclerc) showed that Ferrari were quicker, we couldn't lucifer that gait today. So evidently that's thing we've got to inactive effort to find. But to bushed 1 of them is rather rewarding."

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