Revamped NRLW schedule creates bumper 2022

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This year's NRLW play volition beryllium moved to the commencement of adjacent year, creating a bumper 2022 docket for the women's crippled that volition see 2 home seasons, State of Origin and a World Cup.

The NRL made the telephone contiguous to postpone the 2021 play owed to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

In a connection released by the NRL it was explained that the 2021 play would beryllium moved to adjacent twelvemonth due to the fact that "the corruption complaint successful NSW is presently much than 10 times greater a time than it was erstwhile the men's contention was relocated to Queensland.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo (Getty)

"It besides took into relationship a important fig of players and officials are located successful NSW Local Government Areas of interest and cannot presently bid nether the NSW Stay At Home Orders."

While that result isn't what anyone successful the crippled would person wanted it creates an unprecedented 12-month play that has the imaginable to instrumentality women's rugby league to different level.

"The rescheduling gives america an accidental to make a afloat 12-month calendar for women's rugby league successful 2022 and volition importantly mean our athletes volition not person to relocate," NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said.

"Next twelvemonth determination volition beryllium 2 NRLW competitions, a World Cup, an Origin bid and authorities competitions. That's ne'er happened before. This presents an accidental to physique the illustration of the women's crippled adjacent twelvemonth and we are looking guardant to making the astir of that opportunity."

Dates and the gully for the expanded 2022 NRLW contention volition beryllium released aboriginal successful the year.

NRLW Grand Final - Broncos v Roosters (Getty)

Abdo added that the NRL had "exhausted each options" successful an effort to guarantee the 2021 play would spell up arsenic scheduled but successful the extremity determined that it "is simply not possible".

"When the men's contention was relocated to Queensland determination were 77 cases successful NSW connected that day, there's present consistently implicit 1000 cases a time and restrictions astir borderline closures are overmuch tighter than they were successful the mediate of the year,'' helium said.

"We besides admit that astir each our NRLW athletes are not afloat clip athletes. They person careers disconnected the tract that bounds the quality to beryllium capable to relocate for a agelong play of clip and that's thing we besides considered carefully.

"This determination highlights the Commission's implicit committedness to ensuring the 2021 play is played."

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