Republicans Intentionally Created The SIV Backlog And Then They Blamed Biden

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Republicans intentionally created the SIV backlog to forestall immigrants from coming to the US.

Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted:

2/ Over the past decade, Republicans person pushed to intentionally make a monolithic backlog successful the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programme - the 1 we usage to bring Afghan partners to America, by putting onerous conditions connected the applications.


4/ This dovetailed with the battle by Trump and Republicans to destruct different exile programs that bring Afghans to the U.S.. Obama admitted implicit 2,700 Afghan refugees. Trump admitted 400, bc helium had dismantled the exile system. Biden had to rebuild it.


Republicans Don’t Want Afghan Immigrants In The US, But Blame Biden For Their Inability To Get Out Of Afghanistan.

Republicans are casting blasted connected President Biden for a situation that they intentionally caused. Any Republican who says that the occurrence of the ngo volition beryllium connected however galore Afghan partners are near down is lying to the American people.

Republicans successful Congress rigged the platform by gutting the peculiar migrant visa programme agelong earlier Donald Trump arrived. Trump accelerated the demolition of exile programs, but the wheels were already successful question earlier helium was president.

Joe Biden is trying to get US Afghan partners out, but it is Republicans who person enactment obstacles successful the way, and past criticized the President for his efforts.

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are to blasted for each Afghan spouse who is near down due to the fact that leaving American allies to the Taliban is precisely what they wanted.

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