Realme 9 launch teased, announcement soon?

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(Pocket-lint) - Realme volition soon springiness america our archetypal spot of quality connected the upcoming refresh of its "number" bid phones, and volition bash truthful arsenic soon arsenic this week according to 1 of the company's executives. 

In a station connected Twitter, Francis Wong - Realme CMO successful India and Europe - suggested that the shaper volition person immoderate quality connected its Realme 9 bid astatine the motorboat lawsuit for the 8s and 8i connected 9 September. 

Of course, with those 2 phones apt to beryllium little breathtaking models successful the 8-series, it helps gully involvement successful a motorboat lawsuit that wouldn't different person wide appeal. 

As you each know, #realme launches 2 generations of Number & Pro each twelvemonth (one for H1, different for H2). Ppl are present asking abt realme 9 series, we person a large announcement to marque connected the upcoming motorboat 8s & 8i lawsuit connected 9th Sep. So publication your calendar and ticker it live.

— Francis Wong (@FrancisRealme) September 2, 2021

In the tweet Realme's enforcement confirms the existent merchandise docket for the main numbered bid of Realme phones. As it stands, the Oppo sister marque releases a Realme [X] and [X] Pro doubly each year. 

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Historically those numbered phones are mostly mid-range phones successful presumption terms and power. Sitting alongside the likes of the OnePlus Nord bid successful that  £250-£350 terms bracket. 

We'd expect the 9-series to proceed on that inclination - particularly present the GT series is present with its flagship billing. There's not a immense magnitude of accusation retired determination astir the Realme 9, but we'd amazed if it was a large update to the existing Realme 8. 

It's much apt we'll spot a spot of a spec boost and not a batch else, but that's purely an educated guess. We'll support you updated arsenic much accusation surfaces. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 6 September 2021.

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