Puma Announces New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shoe Line

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a ton of merch retired determination for fans to enjoy. From a covering enactment to makeup, determination is beauteous overmuch thing off-limits erstwhile it comes to celebrating that Nintendo land life. Now determination is going to beryllium yet different mode to walk those Bells, this clip with immoderate footwear due to the fact that Puma conscionable teased a marque caller Animal Crossing New Horizons footwear line. 

Puma took to Twitter to connection a elemental tease, not really revealing the footwear enactment itself. However, erstwhile the afloat uncover does happen, we'll marque definite to update this nonfiction with the afloat images of the caller kicks. For now, we person this elemental teaser: 

If you privation a afloat "lewk," ColorPop has a beauteous awesome Animal Crossing New Horizons constitution line, which you tin find here, that pairs nicely with Black Milk Clothing's ain take on the Nintendo simulator. Or, you tin bask the assorted different pieces of merch that wage homage to Animal Crossing due to the fact that you tin virtually find thing to bash with this crippled astir anywhere. 

[UPDATE: 8/26/21 astatine 4:31 p.m. CT - The shoes are present unrecorded and disposable close here! You tin spot the archetypal representation disposable below]

Though the updates person slowed exponentially this year, Nintendo has done a coagulated occupation ensuring that Animal Crossing New Horizons feels caller with crippled updates and peculiar events. When perfecting that land life, from vacation festivities to amusive small crossovers, determination is ever thing to do. To larn much astir the latest escapade successful the Animal Crossing universe, beryllium definite to cheque retired our dedicated crippled hub close here

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