PUBG New State will officially launch on 11 November 2021

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(Pocket-lint) - Krafton has confirmed that PUBG New State volition officially motorboat connected 11 November, erstwhile players globally volition beryllium capable to play the latest rubric successful the PUBG series.

PUBG New State was primitively teased successful February 2021 and determination person been 50 cardinal pre-registrations crossed Android and iOS devices - with Krafton confirming that these registrations were dispersed globally.

The caller crippled leverages PUBG IP. It's a conflict royale game, acceptable successful the PUBG satellite successful the twelvemonth 2051 and based connected a wholly caller representation called Troi.

The purpose of the crippled is to beryllium the eventual conflict royale, promising next-gen graphics, and caller crippled physics, making the astir of the latest mobile hardware, but supporting older phones too, truthful everyone gets to play.

It volition enactment iPhone 6S and newer phones, oregon Android devices with 2GB of RAM oregon much - with Krafton saying that it volition enactment connected devices backmost to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The gameplay promises to beryllium person to the benignant of gunplay you'll get successful the PC mentation of Battlegrounds and instrumentality things beyond what you'll find successful PUBG Mobile. While the games are intelligibly related, New State is an improvement and advancement of the PUBG world.

Indeed, determination volition beryllium plentifulness that links the 2 titles, including the Erangel representation - a PUBG classical - though it volition look successful a destroyed authorities and dilatory germinate into a New State mentation of Erangel done updates.

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There are a mates of unsocial features of PUBG New State that volition differentiate it from PUBG Mobile. There volition beryllium entree to drones with assorted functions, including proviso drones.

You'll beryllium capable to loot drone recognition from the representation to telephone successful supplies you mightiness privation successful the game.

That leaves flares escaped to bash thing other - successful New State these tin telephone successful reinforcements for your squad. If a subordinate is killed successful the game, you'll beryllium capable to telephone them backmost successful utilizing a greenish flare.

You'll besides beryllium capable to enlistee successful the game. If you person a abstraction connected your squad, you'll beryllium capable to enlistee different subordinate to articulation - truthful determination are immoderate crippled mechanics that are unsocial to PUBG New State to assistance it basal isolated from PUBG Mobile.

After 8 months of teasing, it's large to yet person a day for the caller title. We will, of course, support you up to day with each the developments successful what's aiming to beryllium the astir precocious conflict royale crippled connected mobile.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 22 October 2021.

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