Project Magnum Is Final Fantasy Meets Destiny

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A caller looter shooter has entered the stage. Korean developer Nat Games released immoderate footage yesterday that showcases jaw-dropping visuals and explosive cooperative combat. There are adjacent immoderate evident sci-fi and phantasy inspirations throughout. Project Magnum (working title) mightiness not person a merchandise date. Still, based connected its archetypal authoritative trailer, the RPG/third-person shooter combines ocular and mechanical aspects of prevalent titles similar Final Fantasy and Destiny.

Story details astir Project Magnum are inactive scarce, but the trailer supra chronicles quality gunslingers warring with an extraterrestrial invader. A ample sphere entity reminiscent of the traveler successful the Destiny bid floats down to the aboveground of an Earth-like planet. We chopped to burning, ravaged cities and a lone leader lasting amidst the fiery destruction. The likelihood look to beryllium against the humanoid race, and, of course, arsenic the player, you’ll beryllium expected to woody with the alien threat. You’ll instrumentality down hulking, four-legged tanks, armored grunts, squid-like machines that look similar miniature versions of the machines successful The Matrix franchise, and overmuch more. Extra mechanics see a hook that tin connect to enemies for aerial advantages. There volition besides astir apt beryllium a bully fig of brag battles to partake in. 

The cooperative play revolves astir squads of 4 fighters, and weapons scope from your accepted rifles to augmented melee strikes and launchable grenades. Players volition traverse lush forests, crumbling ruins, and underground facilities portion slaying hordes of creatures equipped with shields, homing rockets, elemental abilities, and laser beams. 

You’ll person your enactment chopped retired for you erstwhile Project Magnum yet drops connected PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. A motorboat time hasn’t been decided, but erstwhile the authoritative rubric for the shooter is announced, we’ll apt beryllium fixed much details astir the narrative, gameplay loop, and merchandise date.

Has the trailer piqued your interest? What bash you deliberation the cardinal plotline mightiness beryllium about? Throw your ideas down successful the comments section!

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