Poll: Majority of Americans Support Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

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According to a caller Axios-Ipsos poll, the bulk of Americans––that’s 60%––support President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The mandates volition impact astir 100 cardinal Americans. It volition see a vaccine mandate for each national workers and contractors, successful summation to a request that ample companies indispensable mandate vaccines oregon regular investigating for employees.

Respondents were asked 2 questions:

  • Do you enactment the national authorities requiring each national employees to beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19?
  • And bash you enactment a national authorities regularisation that requires each businesses with 100 oregon much employees to marque each unit beryllium vaccinated oregon acquisition regular COVID testing?

The results were:

  • 42% supported both
  • 18% somewhat supported both
  • 13%–14% somewhat opposed both
  • 25%–26% powerfully opposed both

About 70% of municipality respondents supported the mandates oregon investigating requirements. Comparatively, astir 60% of suburban respondents and little than fractional of agrarian respondents could accidental the same.

There is besides a part among property groups: “About two-thirds of respondents 65 and older, oregon nether 30, enactment the mandates — compared with a small much than fractional of those successful between,” Axios reported.

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