Police search canal for Stacy Peterson's body

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LOCKPORT, Ill. (WLS) -- Law enforcement is searching a canal successful Lockport Tuesday for the remains of Stacy Peterson.

Stacy Peterson has been missing since October 2007 erstwhile the parent of 2 disappeared from her Bolingbrook home.

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Her sister Cassandra Cales has agelong believed her hubby Drew Peterson, a erstwhile Bolingbrook constabulary officer, killed and disposed of her assemblage by dumping it successful the river. Her remains person ne'er been found.

"I've fundamentally devoted my beingness to searching," Cales said.

In May, Cales commissioned a sonar hunt squad who volunteered their clip to effort to find Peterson's remains successful the murky h2o astir 21 feet deep. At the time, the squad couldn't archer if the bones they recovered were human.

Peterson hasn't been seen live since October 28, 2007.

Drew Peterson is simply a ceremonial fishy successful her disappearance. He volition apt walk the remainder of his beingness successful situation for the execution of his woman Kathleen Savio. He's ne'er been charged successful regards to Stacy Peterson.
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Illinois State Police confirmed their Division of Criminal Investigation Zone 3 moving "an progressive and ongoing transgression investigation" astatine the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal successful Lockport. ISP said the FBI is assisting them successful the investigation.

They declined to supply immoderate further details to "protect the integrity of the case."

In the weeks aft Peterson disappeared, Cales led searchers to look for her assemblage successful the Sanitary & Shipping Canal, and connected galore occasions she has claimed to ABC7 that sonar has located skeletal remains. But authorities person ever travel up empty.

Most recently, Cales said she got video of skeletal remains she believes could beryllium her sister's body.

"How galore times bash I person to manus my sister oregon whoever it is to them connected a metallic platter, and again they bash nothing?" she wondered.

She said authorities constabulary sent divers to that determination Tuesday, but believes they again recovered nothing.

"I americium precise frustrated," Cales said. "We told him astir this successful May. But they waited 5 months to search."

Cales said she is committed to continuing the hunt for her sister's remains successful portion to beryllium to her children that she did not conscionable tally away, arsenic good arsenic to supply her with a due burial.

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