Philips TV & Sound press conference 2021: How to watch and what to expect

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(Pocket-lint) - TP Vision, the genitor marque of Philips TV and audio products successful Europe, is holding a large property league today, 1 September, to unveil caller products. And the large quality is that you tin ticker it online.

The institution usually exhibits astatine the yearly user electronics commercialized amusement IFA astir this clip each year, but portion that is going up successful a reduced capacity, it was deemed much sensible to big a virtual presumption of Philips' caller devices instead.

Here past are details of erstwhile the property league volition commencement however you tin ticker live.

When does the Philips TV & Sound property league start?

The property presumption starts astatine 11am BST today, Tuesday 1 September 2020. Here are the times for your area:

West Coast US: 11am PDT
East Coast US: 2pm EDT
UK: 11am BST
Central Europe: 12pm CEST

Note, we've listed US times but Philips TVs and audio products successful the US are antithetic - the marque is licensed to a antithetic institution successful the States, truthful you mightiness not find the lawsuit relevant.

How to ticker the Philips TV & Sound property conference

You volition beryllium capable to ticker the lawsuit connected a dedicated webpage here:

What to expect

The property league volition beryllium hosted by the CEO of Philips TV & Sound Europe, Kostas Vouzas, who volition contiguous "star caller products", portion besides unveiling immoderate of the company's plans for the future.

We haven't yet heard of immoderate circumstantial TVs, speakers oregon headphones that volition beryllium announced, but volition update if we do.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 25 August 2020.

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