PD: Love triangle led to murder of airport employee

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UPDATE, Dec. 6: A emotion triangle led to a execution past period of an hose worker successful a parking batch astatine El Paso International Airport, constabulary said Monday successful announcing the apprehension of a suspect.

Bernard Walter Christmann, 50, is being held successful the downtown jailhouse for the execution of 49–year-old Juan Anzaldo, a Southwest Airlines idiosyncratic who was killed astatine the extremity of his displacement connected the nighttime of Nov. 19.

Investigators said Anzaldo was killed arsenic helium stood by his car successful the worker parking lot; authorities present indicated the origin of decease was blunt unit trauma - but they didn't elaborate.

"The probe revealed that Anzaldo was successful a dating narration with Christimann’s wife," constabulary said successful a connection astir the motive.

Christman's enslaved was acceptable astatine $1.25 cardinal enslaved per a judge's bid aft helium was arrested astatine his location connected Friday.

(Bernard Walter Christmann, charged with murder.)

UPDATE, Nov. 21: Investigators connected Sunday revealed caller details astir the sidesplitting of a Southwest Airlines worker astatine El Paso International Airport, saying Friday night's onslaught wasn't a random enactment and reassuring travelers that the airdrome is safe.

Authorities besides said they had present determined the 49-year-old unfortunate wasn't killed during robbery, arsenic archetypal thought, and caller accusation indicated his origin of his decease wasn't from being changeable arsenic primitively believed.

Police outlined the latest developments successful a connection issued Sunday afternoon...

" The El Paso Police Department has received respective calls asking astir the information of the airport. After Friday's incident, wherever a antheral was killed successful the worker parking lot. The ongoing probe by the Crimes Against Persons Unit has determined that this lawsuit was not a effect of a robbery. In addition, nary shooting took place. This transgression occurred extracurricular successful a parking batch and ne'er impacted the airport. The preliminary investigations suggest the unfortunate and progressive persons knew each other. Due to the ongoing investigation, the mode of decease tin not beryllium released astatine this time. The Police Department does not judge this was a random act, and determination is nary contiguous information to the nationalist oregon travelers."

UPDATE, Nov. 20: As of mid-morning Saturday, El Paso constabulary said nary arrests had been made and nary 1 had been taken into custody for what they described arsenic Friday's nighttime "murder" astatine the airdrome pursuing a robbery.

Investigators remained astatine the airdrome parking batch wherever the sidesplitting occurred and said they anticipated being determination done the day hours.

"The preliminary probe indicates this is not a random incident, and determination is nary menace astatine the airport," said Officer Adrian Cisneros, an EPPD spokesman, successful a statement.

Authorities were asking the assemblage for assistance and urged anyone with accusation astir the slaying to interaction constabulary astatine (915) 832-4400 oregon telephone Crime Stoppers with anonymous tips astatine (915) 566-8477.

ORIGINAL REPORT, Nov. 19: EL PASO, Texas -- An equipped robbery led to a deadly shooting of an hose worker precocious Friday nighttime successful the semipermanent parking batch astatine El Paso International Airport during the commencement of the busy vacation question season.

An El Paso constabulary spokesperson would lone place the “aggravated robbery” unfortunate arsenic a 49-year-old antheral and declined to sermon the origin of death.

However, Southwest Airlines confirmed aboriginal Saturday greeting to ABC-7 that the unfortunate was a Southwest Ground Operations worker who was changeable to decease successful the worker information of the batch portion leaving enactment connected Friday night.

"This is simply a heartbreaking, tragic nonaccomplishment for the Southwest Team, and we widen deepest sympathies to our colleague’s family, loved ones, and their extended Southwest Family. Southwest enactment is focused connected supporting our employees portion we offer our afloat enactment to the progressive probe being conducted by section instrumentality enforcement," the hose said successful a connection to ABC-7.

At slightest 1 robber was being sought, constabulary said aboriginal Saturday, but added that determination whitethorn beryllium much suspects; nary 1 was successful custody, but authorities maintained determination was nary menace to the airport.

Police officials described the airdrome batch wherever the shooting occurred arsenic a "very active" transgression country that would apt beryllium closed done Saturday afternoon. A mobile bid halfway was deployed astatine the airdrome on with galore Crimes Against Persons detectives. ABC-7 besides observed respective radical consoling each different adjacent the country wherever the shooting occurred.

The incidental unfolded arsenic the airdrome was busier than accustomed owed to an uptick successful vacation travel. While the agelong word batch was closed, the abbreviated word parking batch and the main entranceway to the terminal remained open.

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