Perth certain to lose Ashes Test after big call

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Perth's chances of hosting an Ashes Test look to beryllium dormant successful the h2o acknowledgment to Western Australia's strict COVID-19 rules.

Optus Stadium is scheduled to big the 5th Test from January 14, 5 days aft the 4th Test successful Sydney is owed to finish.

But WA premier Mark McGowan is stubbornly enforcing a two-week quarantine regularisation connected each players, squad staff, broadcast workers, and anyone other indispensable to the moving of the Ashes.

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That means Cricket Australia volition request to find an alternate venue, leaving Perth without a Test lucifer for the 2nd twelvemonth successful a row.

McGowan besides said players' families wouldn't beryllium allowed into the authorities - a sticking constituent that volition apt marque it a non-negotiable for England players and staff.

Warne backs Cummins captaincy call

"We person enactment successful spot precise strict rules," McGowan said connected Tuesday.

"So we've said to them, 'you request to person 14 days' quarantine'. And that has to use to each the broadcast staff, the cricket staff.

"They can't conscionable bring wives and girlfriends with them - aforesaid rules arsenic we enactment successful spot for the AFL.

"It's up to them whether they privation to adhere to those rules oregon not."

Hobart has been floated arsenic the astir apt venue to big the 5th Test, with Canberra - the nation's superior - bizarrely mostly near retired of the statement truthful far.

Yesterday, cricket large Shane Warne suggested the 5th Test beryllium played astatine the Melbourne Cricket Ground arsenic a day-nighter. The MCG volition already big the 3rd Test from Boxing Day.

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