Owner of escaped Zebras charged

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UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJZ) — Police swarm the location of a Maryland zebra proprietor aft helium was charged with 3 counts of carnal cruelty.

One by one, dozens of constabulary cars and carnal power crews swarmed Jerry Holly’s spot successful Prince Georges County with dense machinery successful tow.

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“It looks similar idiosyncratic is successful large trouble, “ said neighbor, Raynette.

With binoculars successful hand, Raynette was hoping to drawback a glimpse of the exotic animals.

“I was hoping to beryllium capable to usage them to spot successful lawsuit they were disconnected successful a distance, “ said Raynette

WJZ cameras were rolling Wednesday nighttime arsenic constabulary unopen down Holly’s driveway and utilized flashlights to hunt his property.

This each comes conscionable hours aft constabulary charged the 76-year-old zebra proprietor with 3 counts of carnal cruelty.

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“I conscionable deliberation that’s horrible,” said Raynette.

Holly is an exotic carnal trader and has astir 40 zebras connected his property. Three of them escaped backmost successful September and 1 was recovered tangled successful an amerciable snare trap that was acceptable conscionable feet from the obstruction line. Investigators accidental they judge the carnal died of dehydration aft struggling a fewer days successful the trap.

Two others are inactive roaming astir municipality and being cared for by neighbors.

“We tin virtually spot wherever the zebras are astatine and erstwhile they’re at, truthful they’re inactive retired determination and we get video of them each day, and we support way of wherever they’re astatine and whether they’re steadfast and safe,” said neighbor, Theodore Mackenzie.

Court documents accidental connected Tuesday, constabulary recovered different zebra dormant connected the workplace giving them capable grounds to record transgression charges.

“Hopefully they volition instrumentality the animals and instrumentality them to a harmless spot wherever they tin beryllium amended cared for, “ Raynette added.

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Police connected country accidental officials volition usage the instrumentality to region the assemblage of the dormant zebra, portion carnal power volition hunt Holly’s location and the full country to marque definite the different animals are being decently cared for.

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