Jen Psaki Exposes Lindsey Graham And His Fake CBO Score In Front Of The Entire Country

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Jen Psaki called retired hypocrite Lindsey Graham and said that Build Back Better really pays for the Trump taxation cuts that Graham supported.


Jen Psaki shreds Lindsey Graham and legislature Republicans for passing the Trump taxation cuts and not paying for them and said that BBB cuts the shortage by $ 2 trillion truthful Democrats are covering Graham and GOP's "irresponsible" spending.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 10, 2021

Psaki said erstwhile asked astir Sen. Graham’s fake CBO score:

This is a fake CBO score. Is not astir the existing bill.  It’s astir proposing the extension of programs that were not agreed to. Without the committedness of the president which helium has made repeatedly that helium would not support extending these programs that they were not paid for, period. That is his commitment. 

I would besides enactment that determination is a peculiar irony here. That shouldn’t beryllium mislaid connected Senator Graham. Maybe it is mislaid connected Sen. Graham? I don’t know. That the program that they proposed, and passed into law, the 2017 taxation cuts, were $2 trillion were not paid for successful immoderate mode signifier or form and that didn’t look to upset them astatine all. And I what I  volition say, and they tin convey america successful immoderate mode they would similar for this, our projections, and the projections of our economists is for our program as it continues successful the second decade it would trim the deficit by $2 trillion, truthful we’re covering their irresponsible taxation cuts to corporations and precocious wealthiness individuals. 

Jen Psaki took isolated the hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham being acrophobic astir adding to the shortage for programs that volition little the outgo of medicine drugs, supply cosmopolitan pre-k, and really assistance radical portion being good with blowing a 2 trillion dollar spread successful the shortage to springiness affluent radical and corporations a large heap of money.

The Fox News assemblage and Republicans volition instrumentality the Graham sham seriously, but for everyone else, it is conscionable different infinitesimal of Republican hypocrisy that reaffirms the constituent that the GOP is for the affluent and not for thee.

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