Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance Gets Outed As A Rust Belt Fraud

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Ohio Republican Senate campaigner JD Vance touts his task capitalism for Ohio and his foundation battling opioid addiction, but neither appears to beryllium doing what helium claims.

Business Insider dug heavy into Vance and reported:

Plenty of politicians question to bolster their representation by pointing to their concern acumen and philanthropic efforts. In reality, though, it’s not wide what, if anything, Vance has achieved done his institution oregon his charity. A reappraisal by Insider of Our Ohio Renewal’s taxation filings showed that successful its archetypal year, the nonprofit spent much connected “management services” provided by its enforcement manager — who besides serves arsenic Vance’s apical governmental advisor — than it did connected programs to combat opioid abuse. The group, which has unopen down its website and abandoned its Twitter relationship aft publishing lone 2 tweets, says it commissioned a survey to gauge the needs and payment of Ohioans, but Vance’s run declined to supply immoderate documentation of the project. A spokeswoman for Ohio’s largest anti-opioid conjugation told Insider that she hadn’t heard of Vance’s organization.

“This is simply a charade,” said Doug White, a nonprofit adept and erstwhile manager of the master’s programme successful fundraising absorption astatine Columbia University, who reviewed Our Ohio Renewal’s taxation filings for Insider. “It’s a superficial mode for him to accidental he’s helping Ohio. None of that is really happening, from what I tin tell.”

On the task superior front, nary of Vance’s investments are successful the authorities of Ohio.

JD Vance Is A Billionaire Funded Right-Wing Extremist Who Built a “Brand” Off Of Appalachian Stereotypes

Vance has been criticized for years implicit his publication that became the darling of coastal elites by stereotyping Appalachians arsenic toothless, uneducated, drugged-out hillbillies.

Appalachia had struggled for decades with an system that near and ne'er came back, and an opioid situation that morphed into a heroin epidemic erstwhile the opioids were nary longer casual to get, but arsenic idiosyncratic who grew up successful Western Pennsylvania, I tin archer you that Vance’s publication mightiness beryllium his ain story, but it was not an close practice of an full region.

JD Vance has pumped his accomplishments to see things that helium isn’t really doing.

Vance isn’t a Rust Belt savior. There is small grounds that helium is doing thing for the Rust Belt. Much similar his book, his governmental resume contains generalized fiction.

JD Vance is simply a poser who is looking to defraud voters successful Ohio into electing him to the US Senate.

The Rust Belt needs existent leaders, not self-interested governmental climbers similar JD Vance.

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