Officer rescues elderly man from burning home

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PORT WASHINGTON — The Port Washington Police Department is recognizing 1 of its officers who ran into a burning location to prevention an aged man.

On Sunday September 12th, Officer Tony Becker was astatine the constabulary presumption erstwhile helium heard and saw an detonation astatine a location astir a artifact away. The serviceman rushed to the scene, wherever a pistillate had already near her location but said her hubby was wrong downstairs.

Parts of the location were connected occurrence and dense achromatic fume was pouring retired of the store wherever Officer Becker went successful to prevention the aged man.

Bodycam video released by the constabulary section shows the serviceman moving into the fume and calling for the antheral inside. “John travel here, travel to my voice… travel up the stairs sir. Crawl, Crawl get to the floor, get to the floor, I volition drawback your hand” the serviceman tin beryllium heard saying connected the video.

Moments aboriginal the antheral emerges from the fume and the serviceman pulls him to safety.

Firefighters arrived and knocked down the flames. Neighbor Barbara Patterson was taking a nap successful the condo adjacent doorway erstwhile the detonation happened. Her hubby ran wrong and told her to get out.

She says if it weren’t for the officer, the antheral adjacent doorway whitethorn person died.

“Without a doubt. Without a doubt. I hatred to accidental this but if helium [Officer Becker] hadn’t done this helium would person been dead. The fume was truthful heavy that that unsocial would person been catastrophic,” said Patterson.

The mates who lived successful the location are said to beryllium doing ok. They are with their big children portion what happens adjacent with the location is figured out.

Officer Tony Becker was treated for fume inhalation astatine the section hospital, released, and helium aboriginal returned to his shift.

It’s unclear if the location is simply a full nonaccomplishment oregon not. Patterson’s location suffered fume and h2o damage. It appears the occurrence and explosions were caused by a barbecue igniting adjacent propane tanks.

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