OAN Host Christina Bobb: If You Are an American in Afghanistan, Ignore Terror Warnings and Go to The Airport

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Before helium near office, Donald Trump made a woody with the Taliban to permission Afghanistan. Once helium took office, Joe Biden and his squad worked connected getting Americans retired of Afghanistan.

And present that the extremity day is coming, determination is inactive a large effort to get radical retired of the nation. But Conservative media is trying to person viewers that determination are fewer options for Americans to get retired of Afghanistan. In fact, Christina Bobb says, Americans should disregard panic warnings and caput to the airport.

The OAN big told viewers connected Sunday, “They should beryllium telling Americans who privation to permission to bash everything they tin to get to the airdrome now,” Bobb said. “Get to the Kabul airdrome earlier August 31st and marque definite you’re wrong the compound earlier the subject leaves. Not erstwhile person I heard immoderate consciousness of urgency coming from this medication really giving bully proposal to Americans connected the ground.”

OAN airs unsafe "Don't Be Fooled" conception telling Americans successful Kabul to "get to the airdrome now" contempt panic threats. "Don't hold for anyone to telephone you." https://t.co/PrWY0JgP17


Bobb continued, “The information is, get to the airdrome now. Don’t hold for anyone to telephone you oregon a substance from [White House Press Secretary] Jen Psaki. Get to the airport.”

This is conscionable horrific advice. There has already been 1 large panic onslaught astatine the Kabul airport. Others person been thwarted. Americans looking to permission Afghanistan request to bash truthful successful the safest mode possible.

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