Now is the time to push for political resolution in Syria: UN envoy

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“The Syrian radical desperately request a Syrian-led and owned governmental process to deliver,” helium said, urging sustained planetary enactment towards ending the brutal conflict, and ensuring the country’s sovereignty, unity, independency and territorial integrity, successful enactment with a 2015 Council resolution.

Last week, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, reported that much than 350,000 radical person been confirmed arsenic killed successful the Syrian war, though the existent fig is apt to beryllium higher.

Mr. Pedersen added to this “grim announcement”, noting that 12 cardinal Syrians are displaced and tens of thousands stay detained, abducted oregon missing.   

Ceasefire and governmental process linked

Syria is besides facing impacts from the economical illness successful neighbouring Lebanon, arsenic good arsenic the COVID-19 pandemic and sanctions.  The state is besides divided into respective “de facto zones, with planetary players jostling successful the theatre”, with skirmishes peppering much than a twelvemonth of comparative calm.

“With subject frontlines mostly frozen for 18 months, and concerns from parties regarding the presumption quo, the clip to propulsion for a governmental process is now,” helium said.  

“Resolution 2254 recognizes the adjacent nexus betwixt a nationwide ceasefire and a parallel governmental process, and I proceed to telephone for this – peculiarly fixed episodes of unit and the dangers of this spiraling into all-out confrontation.”

Mr. Pedersen reported connected “multiple sources of concern” successful Syria.   

Appeal to stakeholders

In Idlib, sustained shelling, rocket occurrence and accrued airstrikes person forced immoderate returnees to again beryllium displaced. Confrontations person occurred betwixt non-State equipped groups and Turkish subject successful northwest Syria and bluish Aleppo, and determination person reports of an summation successful Turkish drone strikes wrong Syrian territory.  

Additionally, airstrikes connected targets adjacent Damascus person been attributed to Israel, portion “multiple” violent groups proceed to run the country.  

“I americium definite that the concern connected the crushed successful Idlib and elsewhere volition beryllium an important contented erstwhile Presidents Putin and Erdogan conscionable tomorrow, and I proceed to entreaty for those with power to beforehand calm. So overmuch depends connected that,” said Mr. Pedersen.

Meanwhile, efforts by Russia and the United States connected cross-border humanitarian assistance transportation from Turkey person continued.

Constitutional Committee update

Turning to the Syrian Constitutional Committee, established 2 years ago, Mr. Pederson said portion the Committee has not yet made dependable advancement connected its mandate, determination has been immoderate question towards its adjacent meeting.

Following 8 months of negotiations with the 2 co-chairs, statement connected methodology has been reached, and invitations for the sixth league person been sent.

“While we are inactive successful the process of confirming logistics, the Small Drafting Body volition convene successful Geneva arsenic of 18 October, and the Co-Chairs volition for the archetypal clip conscionable the time before, unneurotic with me, to hole the session,” helium said.

“In short, we should each present expect the Constitutional Committee to statesman to enactment earnestly connected a process of drafting – not conscionable preparing – a law reform. If it does that, past we volition person a antithetic and credible law process. We request that if we are to physique a modicum of trust.”

Women’s information crucial

The UN Special Envoy stressed the value of achieving a genuine intra-Syrian governmental dialog that volition pb to genuine process of governmental reform, and emphasized that women indispensable enactment successful the process.

“Without this nary solution successful Syria tin beryllium complete,” helium stated, adding that his bureau has continued to consult with the Syrian Women’s Advisory Board (WAB), whose 17 members travel from antithetic backgrounds and affiliations.

The WAB, established successful 2016 by the Office of the UN Special Envoy, ensures divers women’s perspectives, arsenic good arsenic sex equality, are reflected passim the governmental process and successful bid talks.

Amplifying women’s voices

Ambassadors were besides briefed by Rouba Mhaissen, Founder and Director of the civilian nine radical Sawa for Development and Aid.  She said determination tin beryllium nary speech astir peacebuilding successful Syria, erstwhile people’s rights, specifically women’s rights, are being breached daily.

“A batch remains to beryllium done truthful that women are genuinely participating and that women astatine each levels are included. The mundane contributions of women astatine the assemblage level stay unseen, and their demands stay unheard astatine the bid process level,” she said.

Even amid the astir dire circumstances, Syrian women person unified, rising supra their affiliations and ideologies, and enactment their state first, she said. Ms. Mhaissen further stated that building resilience and supporting Syrians, particularly women, volition beryllium integral to immoderate palmy governmental settlement.

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