Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth headphone support

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(Pocket-lint) - We're not definite wherefore it's taken much than 4 years, but Nintendo has yet added Bluetooth audio enactment to its Switch consoles.

The Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED (when it launches connected 8 October) tin present beryllium utilized with wireless in-, on- and over-ear headphones. You tin adjacent watercourse the audio to wireless speakers.

System update v13.0.0 is disposable present and adds Bluetooth audio capabilities, albeit with a fewer caveats.

You can't, for example, usage much than 2 wireless Joy-Cons oregon controllers and Bluetooth headphones astatine the aforesaid time. Up to 2 controllers and 1 brace of headphones tin beryllium utilized together, however.

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You can't usage Bluetooth audio erstwhile playing a multiplayer crippled implicit a section wireless transportation - ie. with 2 much more Switch consoles successful the aforesaid location.

And, lone 1 Bluetooth audio instrumentality tin beryllium connected astatine the aforesaid clip - though the Switch volition beryllium capable to store up to 10 instrumentality profiles. Wireless microphones are not supported astatine all, truthful you'll inactive request to usage a wired gaming headset if you privation to speech to others.

It's worthy besides noting that Nintendo warns that audio latency issues whitethorn occur, depending connected the headphones. Still, we've waited truthful agelong for the functionality, who are we to complain?

Also added with strategy update v13 is the quality to nonstop bundle updates to the dock, the quality to support an net transportation erstwhile the console is sleeping (when utilizing wired net done the caller OLED dock), and power instrumentality calibration tools.

You tin besides spot which Wi-Fi illustration (2.4GHz oregon 5GHz) nether "connection status".

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 15 September 2021.

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