Nick Cannon mourns loss of his youngest child to a brain tumor

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(CNN)Television big and histrion Nick Cannon shared with his speech amusement assemblage connected Tuesday that his youngest child, Zen, has died.

"Over the play I mislaid my youngest lad to a information called hydrocephalus that was beauteous overmuch a malignant, invasive midline encephalon tumor, encephalon cancer," an affectional Cannon said. "It's tough."

The five-month-old babe was Cannon's kid with exemplary Alyssa Scott. He has six different children from different relationships.

    "Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid successful the cavities (ventricles) heavy wrong the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts unit connected the brain," according to the Mayo Clinic.

      Cannon shared that helium spent this past play with his lad successful California and said "not lone did we get to spot the prima rise, we got to spot the prima set."

      "I didn't cognize however I was going to grip today," Cannon told his audience. "But I wanted to grieve with my family."

      All parents should beryllium  'outraged' successful  combat  against pediatric encephalon  cancer, accidental    2  CNN correspondents

        Cannon besides brought therapist and TV big Dr. Laura Berman connected to sermon the grief of losing a child.

        Berman announced successful February that her lad Samuel died of an accidental cause overdose astatine property 16.

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