New Sonic Colors: Ultimate Patch Targets Epilepsy Issues On Switch

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate mightiness beryllium a Great Way To Play The 2010 Gem, but caller posts connected Twitter person revealed immoderate darker, underlying problems, including seizure-inducing visuals that scope from flashing lights to … immoderate this is (the link contains footage that is perchance triggering for those with epileptic tendencies). In immoderate case, it was lone a substance of clip until Sega acknowledged the issues and started moving towards a fix. A caller spot was precocious released targeting these unsafe issues. Sadly, it’s lone disposable connected Nintendo Switch, but different platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC volition get their respective updates successful the “near future.” 

Hi everyone – We person deployed a spot for the Nintendo Switch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate. This is the archetypal of respective patches (for each platforms!) that volition statesman rolling retired successful the adjacent future. Thank you for your patience!

— SEGA Europe (@SEGA_Europe) September 14, 2021

There are nary spot notes to spell on with the announcement. Not lone does the update grip epileptic triggers, but it besides remedies ocular glitches and different miscellaneous bugs that person been plaguing the playthroughs of a bevy of Sonic fans. The speedy subordinate quality would reportedly autumn done the representation starring to puzzling deaths, flashing multi-colored bars would beryllium superimposed connected the screen, disorienting players and preventing them from surviving definite scenarios, and intermittent crashes led to wide disappointment. Hopefully, different Sonic Colors: Ultimate owners connected consoles extracurricular of the Switch volition person their frustrations assuaged. 

Epileptic triggers person tally rampant successful games for a agelong time, but caller journalistic efforts – particularly those of Liana Ruppert – person brought wider consciousness to the blatant neglect. Games similar Balan Wonderworld person received large-scale updates making the acquisition safer for swaths of players. If you’re funny successful learning much astir triggers, tips portion playing perchance triggering games, and thoughts connected a aboriginal that’s epileptic-friendly, work Ruppert’s incredibly informative Epileptic Guide To Gaming

If you ain Sonic Colors: Ultimate connected Switch, has the update alleviated immoderate outstanding problems? Let america cognize down below.

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