New Range Rover: How to watch the live reveal

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(Pocket-lint) - There's a caller Range Rover waiting successful the wings, a accidental for Land Rover to update its astir luxury of offroad vehicles. 

There's been teases and leaks, but what volition the caller Range Rover offer?

Here's however you tin ticker the uncover and find retired for yourself.

When is the caller Range Rover launch?

Jaguar Land Rover volition beryllium revealing the caller Range Rover exemplary connected 26 October, with the lawsuit starting astatine 20:40 BST. Here are the planetary times: 

  • San Francisco - 12:40 PDT
  • New York - 15:40 EDT
  • London -  20:40 BST
  • Berlin - 21:40 CEST
  • New Delhi - 01:10 IST, 27 Oct
  • Tokyo - 04:40 JST, 27 Oct
  • Sydney - 06:40, 27 Oct

Where tin I ticker the caller Range Rover launch?

Jaguar Land Rover volition beryllium livestreaming the lawsuit connected its YouTube channel, we person embedded that video supra truthful you tin ticker it close here. 

Land Rover

Range Rover photograph  1

What to expect from the caller Range Rover

Land Rover has shared a teaser representation and though blurred, it already tells america a batch astir the caller Range Rover. The signifier looks akin to erstwhile Range Rovers, for example, it inactive looks large and boxy, with a extortion that's astir level and those large windows to the rear to guarantee everyone has tons of space.

Watch the satellite premiere of the astir desirable #RangeRover ever created connected 26/10/21. Visit to motion up for the livestream. #NewRangeRover

— Land Rover (@LandRover) October 20, 2021

What is the Pocket-lint regular  and however  bash  you get   it for free?

What is the Pocket-lint regular and however bash you get it for free? By Stuart Miles · 22 October 2021

Thanks to Land Rover teasing connected Twitter, we get a amended look astatine that golden colouring that looks similar it's going to beryllium a motorboat colour - portion there's a glimpse astatine the caller grille. It doesn't uncover much, successful information it looks akin to earlier models. The connection we're getting is that isn't a extremist departure successful styling and we wouldn't expect that. 

While the look of the caller exemplary is expected to beryllium familiar, it's going to beryllium physique connected a caller level - MLA - which is simply a level designed to accomodate electrification. However, JLR has antecedently said we won't spot a axenic electrical conveyance from Land Rover until 2024, truthful it's apt that much accepted combustions and hybrids volition pb the charge.

Stepping up to rival the detonation of luxury SUVs volition apt beryllium connected the cards - with the BMW X7 astatine 1 extremity and the likes of the Bentley Bentayga astatine the other, there's increasing contention astatine the apical end.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 22 October 2021.

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