New homeowner discovers human remains in yard

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- New homeowners made a grisly find astatine their location overnight successful the Montrose neighborhood.

According to Houston police, quality remains were discovered successful the backmost gait of a location successful the 600 artifact of W. Clay adjacent Stanford astir 11 p.m. Monday.

When officials arrived, they were directed to the yard, wherever the remains were found.

Investigators accidental a homeowner had been missing from the location since March, but due to the fact that the assemblage is truthful severely decomposed, it is unclear if the remains are connected to the disappearance.

"There's radical who person conscionable moved into the home, truthful they weren't present erstwhile the idiosyncratic went missing, truthful we got everyone out. Common signifier for an investigation, we're questioning everyone nary substance however agelong they person been surviving here, nevertheless abbreviated of time," said HPD Sgt. Stephen Jimenez.

The aesculapian examiner volition find the origin of death.

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