New Halo Infinite Video Highlights Banished Leader Escharum Who Really Wants To Fight Master Chief

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Microsoft and 343 Industries person released a caller video highlighting Banished person Escharum's tendency to destruct humanity and Master Chief with it. 

Look, if you're not a Spartan, a subordinate of the UNSC, oregon a civilian connected Earth, there's a bully accidental you person immoderate beef with Master Chief, particularly if you're a spiritual zealot oregon idiosyncratic acceptable connected destroying humanity. That's very overmuch the lawsuit with Escharum, who seems to beryllium the superior antagonist of Halo Infinite's run (you know, too the full rampant Cortana AI who wants to activate an aged Halo and usage it to destruct each life). 

"Hope, it makes you weak," Escharum says successful the video. "Humanity clings to the content that a savior volition come, that a leader volition rise, shrouded successful armor to prevention you. It won't. Armor tin beryllium broken. Bodies shattered. When you look backmost connected these past days, you volition recognize that each you've built was a tomb. A spot wherever anticipation dies."

That's a precise evil monologue, Escharum. 

Anyway... Escharum is the Banished brute person seen successful the very archetypal Halo Infinite run gameplay shown successful 2020. He's besides concisely seen successful the new Halo Infinite run overview trailer released yesterday. While Master Chief volition beryllium looking to prevention what's remaining of the UNSC, find The Weapon AI, and halt Cortana, it seems that passim that journey, Eshcarum volition beryllium determination preparing for his inevitable combat with Spartan 117. Only clip volition tell, though. 

If you watched the archetypal Halo Infinite run uncover backmost successful 2020, you mightiness retrieve immoderate disapproval astir the exemplary for Escharum. While Escharum looks demonstrably amended present successful today's trailer (and yesterday's, too), it's important to enactment that this Escharum is simply a CGI version. In contrast, the 2020 mentation was an in-engine version. We inactive person not been shown what Escharum looks like in-engine just yet, but if yesterday's caller run overview is immoderate indication, Escharum, overmuch similar everything other successful the game, looks overmuch amended now. 

Hey Rhys - conscionable to wide up disorder and acceptable expectations, the Escharum connected the near is not in-engine. Keep your eyes peeled for much connected some 👍

— John Junyszek (@Unyshek) October 25, 2021

We'll combat Eshcarum arsenic Master Chief connected December 8 when Halo Infinite hits Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. While waiting for that, cheque retired 1 of our editor's Halo Infinite multiplayer impressions and past work this breakdown of everything we cognize astir Halo Infinite. Check retired this limited variation Halo 20th Anniversary Xbox Series X aft that.

Do you deliberation Escharum volition beryllium a full-on brag combat oregon thing much akin to warring Tartarus astatine the extremity of Halo 2? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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