New Dead By Daylight Survivor Is A Witch

3 weeks ago 13
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Just successful clip for Halloween, Dead by Daylight is getting a caller subsister adjacent period successful October with the Hour of the Witch contented drop. Mikaela Reid joins the ranks of the survivors arsenic a witch! Reid writes fearfulness stories and, not surprisingly, loves Halloween. What perks volition she bring to the table? Good question. A amended question – volition her perks assistance her past against Pinhead? Like each different survivors, Reid tin beryllium slotted with immoderate perks to play – dissimilar killers that travel with halfway signature abilities tied to their character. 

Check retired the Hour of the Witch Mikaela Reid trailer beneath to get a look astatine the latest summation to the asymmetrical subsister fearfulness game. While I bask playing characters with the gaudiest outfits erstwhile I play survivor, it’s often not the smartest idea. I thin to pull a batch of slayer attention, and I’m a overmuch amended slayer than I americium a survivor. Reid has immoderate superior benignant to bring to the crippled and is apt to get immoderate ace chill tegument cosmetics arsenic clip goes on, arsenic well.

Obviously, holidays similar Halloween are apt to travel with each kinds of chill things for games similar Dead by Daylight. What bash you expect?

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