New Bose QC45 headphones officially announced, now available for pre-order

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(Pocket-lint) - Five years aft the merchandise of the highly lauded over-the-ear QC35 headphones, Bose has finally announced a successor - and no, we're not talking astir the QC35 II

Today, the Massachusetts audio elephantine has unveiled the Bose QC45, which contempt looking akin to the erstwhile models, features an array of tiny upgrades to marque the wide acquisition overmuch much satisfying. 

First up is an upgrade to the artillery department, wherever Bose says the caller QC45s tin past wirelessly up to 24 hours connected a azygous charge, a bully summation from the antecedently advertised max usage clip of 20 hours. 


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One of the bully additions astir Bose over-the-ear cans is that they've ever offered a hardwired backup method, which means adjacent if you tally retired of juice, you tin inactive get immoderate bully listening clip retired of them - conscionable support successful caput progressive sound cancellation (ANC) tech lone works erstwhile you person a Bluetooth transportation and immoderate artillery charge. 

New this twelvemonth is AWARE mode, which sounds a batch similar Apple’s Transparency mode connected the AirPods Pro and Max line. These modes let you to proceed listening to your euphony with audio passthrough beamed via the outer mics into your ears - allowing you to much intelligibly perceive the extracurricular satellite if you request to person a speedy chat with a store clerk oregon beryllium a small much alert erstwhile crossing a engaged intersection. 

Finally, the institution is besides making the power from Micro-USB to USB-C and touting that a 15 infinitesimal complaint tin connection up to 2 hours of listening time. 

The Bose QC45 headphones are disposable to pre-order with a merchandise connected 23 September for $329 successful the United States. Information connected a UK merchandise has yet to beryllium revealed. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 31 August 2021.

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