MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster Jumped By Screaming Mississippi White Guy While Reporting On Ida

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MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster was filing a unrecorded study from Mississippi connected Hurricane Ida erstwhile a screaming achromatic antheral jumped into his face.


MSNBC's Shaq Brewster gets jumped by a screaming achromatic antheral portion reporting connected Hurricane Ida unrecorded successful Mississippi.


You tin spot Brewster look to his near arsenic helium is reporting connected the existent conditions successful Gulfport, Mississippi. Moments later, a antheral is heard yelling off-camera, and arsenic Brewster was tossing it backmost to Craig Melvin successful the studio, the antheral gets successful the NBC/MSNBC reporter’s look and starts yelling.

The unidentified antheral was yelling astatine Brewster to screen the hurricane accurately, which is unusual due to the fact that it is simply a hurricane. Reporters study connected the tempest and the damage. It is straightforward. There isn’t immoderate commentary oregon sentiment involved.

Brewster aboriginal tweeted to disquieted viewers that helium and his squad connected the country are fine:

Appreciate the interest guys. The squad and I are each good!


An aggravated achromatic feline successful the South gets successful the look of a non-Fox News cablegram quality web reporter, and it doesn’t instrumentality overmuch detective enactment to presume that this is an illustration of the unvaccinated Trump instrumentality nine doing their thing.

Trump is gone, but the choler and resentment that helium inspired among his fans inactive marque reporting from astir anyplace a perchance unsafe job.

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