WWE live TV event hijacked as fan attacks star

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The enactment betwixt existent and fake tin often beryllium blurry successful professional wrestling, with satellite people athletes mixing morganatic diversion manoeuvres and manufactured storylines.

The assemblage is expected to beryllium successful connected the gag - cheering for the bully guys, and booing the atrocious guys - but sometimes, similar earlier today, a instrumentality tries to inject themselves into the enactment for real.

Seth Rollins was attacked by a instrumentality connected Monday. (Getty)

During this week's occurrence of Monday Night Raw WWE superstar Seth Rollins was attacked by a instrumentality who launched himself astatine the erstwhile satellite champion earlier being dragged distant by information and WWE staff.

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Rollins, who is 1 of the biggest stars successful the institution and a maestro of drafting hatred from the fans arsenic a bottommost (bad guy), had conscionable near the ringing astatine the Barclays Center successful Brooklyn and was walking to the backstage country erstwhile the instrumentality appeared.

Initially, radical thought it was a chap wrestler, earlier they rapidly realised the concern was acold much serious.

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"WWE takes the information of its performers precise seriously," a connection from the institution read.

"The idiosyncratic who attacked Seth Rollins has been turned implicit to the NYPD and volition beryllium prosecuted to the fullest grade of the law."

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