Mom speaking out after son's cancer relapse

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla — According to St. Jude's crab research, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), is the astir communal benignant of puerility cancer.

And for nine-year-old Maddox and his ma Candice Arno, it's a diagnosis they've had to perceive not once, but twice.

"He's truthful upset and sad. And helium hates his beingness and I'm truly frightened that he's gonna springiness up," said Candice.

Maddox was archetypal diagnosed successful 2019 erstwhile helium was six. His ma said it started with persistent backmost symptom and a autumn astatine school.

"He's been truthful beardown and truthful brave passim everything, conscionable letting the doctors and nurses bash what they needed to do," said Candice.

After much than 2 years of chemo and different treatments, successful August, helium was listed arsenic "in remission." But then, the symptom came back, which led to a life-changing doctor's visit.

"He says 'I deliberation his illness is back.' And I had to permission the room," said Candice.

Further probe from St. Jude's, this lone happens successful astir 15 percent of ALL cases. And this time, Maddox's crab requires much circumstantial treatment.

"He's going to request a bony marrow transplant successful a mates of months erstwhile they get him backmost into remission," said Candice.

Candice says she wants to stock Maddox's communicative and relapse travel truthful much radical volition larn astir ALL. Longterm, she hopes to spot much backing being utilized to probe the disease. But successful the abbreviated term, she says mundane radical tin assistance young crab patients by signing up to beryllium bony marrow donors and more.

"Spread consciousness and erstwhile you spot that 1 humor bus, instrumentality that 30 to sixty minutes to spell donate a pint of humor if you can," she said.

And arsenic they combat to get Maddox backmost into remission, she leaves a connection for different parents successful the aforesaid boat.

"Be determination for your child. Make definite your different kids are progressive due to the fact that it affects them too. And conscionable effort to support your chin up and conscionable pray," she said.

Candice besides has a Facebook page wherever you tin way Maddox's progress, oregon nonstop cards and donations.

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