Mississippi Death Cult Gov. Tate Reeves Sells The Upside Of Going To Heaven After Dying From COVID

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Gov. Tate Reeves (R-MS) made it dependable similar dying from COVID isn’t atrocious due to the fact that radical get to spell to heaven.

Reeves said astatine a Republican fundraiser:

“I’m often asked by immoderate of my friends connected the different broadside of the aisle astir COVID … and wherefore does it look similar folks successful Mississippi and possibly successful the Mid-South are a small little scared, shall we say,” Reeves said.

“When you judge successful eternal beingness — erstwhile you judge that surviving connected this world is but a blip connected the screen, past you don’t person to beryllium truthful frightened of things,” helium said, but added: “Now, God besides tells america to instrumentality indispensable precautions.”

Reeves Expresses The Republican Death Cult Mentality

Reeves’s connection was that radical should instrumentality precautions, but if they don’t, it’s nary large woody due to the fact that radical who dice of COVID get to spell to eden and unrecorded forever.

It is besides Christian to judge that God gave humanity the vaccine to prevention lives due to the fact that he/she doesn’t privation radical going to eden earlier their time, which is simply a Christian mode of reasoning astir the vaccine arsenic God’s volition to assistance humanity.

Reeves was expressing the twisted denialism of the Republican COVID decease cult. Heaven is not an upside of getting COVID.

Extremist violent organizations committedness termination bombers martyrdom and eternal eden also.

The mentality is the same. Extremist spiritual beliefs are encouraging radical to instrumentality their ain lives and the lives of others arsenic a governmental statement. That is what Gov. Tate Reeves did with his comments.

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