Military mom battling breast cancer gifted car

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FARMINGDALE, Nassau County (WABC) -- A subject ma is having a blessed vacation aft she was handed the keys to a recently refurbished car.

Caliber Collision and Geico talented the Ford Fusion to 56-year-old Navy seasoned Karen Jones successful Farmingdale connected Tuesday.

She's raised 4 children arsenic a azygous mother, each of whom went connected to gain afloat scholarships to assemblage aft being stateless conscionable 5 years ago.

Lack of proscription severely impacted Jones arsenic she recovers from bosom crab country and chemotherapy.

She is determined to go financially stable, having precocious landed a presumption with FEMA arsenic a Pandemic Crisis Counselor and has besides obtained a realtor licence to gain further income.

Having reliable proscription is captious for her to beryllium palmy astatine some jobs.

"I'm highly thankful due to the fact that present I tin bash what I've ever done, adjacent successful the subject -- serve," Jones said.

Jones said she's had 4 surgeries and inactive has much to come.

The car donation kicked disconnected Caliber Collision's 'Tis The Season To Give nationwide campaign.

The programme had astir 60 applicants but they knew Jones was the one.

"It's precise wide that you, Karen, re-define the connection strength," said Chris Hengerle with GEICO.

The conveyance was provided by GEICO and refurbished by technicians astatine Caliber Collision successful Farmingdale who volunteered their idiosyncratic clip to reconstruct it arsenic portion of the NABC Recycled Rides programme to supply reliable proscription to those successful need.

Since 2012, Caliber Collision has teamed up with its manufacture partners to donate implicit 500 vehicles, galore of which were to subject veterans and progressive work work members.

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