Microsoft Office 2021 is releasing the same day as Windows 11

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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced that it volition beryllium releasing the latest mentation of Office connected 5 October. The aforesaid day that Windows 11 is acceptable to launch. 

New standalone versions of Microsoft Office don't hap that often, acknowledgment to the regular updates of the subscription-based Microsoft 365. In fact, the past standalone mentation was Office 2019 and truthful Microsoft Office 2021 is an update to that mentation which volition beryllium disposable for Windows and macOS successful little than a month. 

In presumption of features, Office 2021 is acceptable to person the aforesaid arsenic Office LTSC (Office Long-Term Servicing Channel) which is simply a locked-down mentation of Office for machines that don't person net access.

The database of what's caller successful Office 2021 includes each mode of things from caller inking tools to updated functions, editing tools, ease-of-use features and much much besides

Many volition nary uncertainty beryllium pleased to perceive that the database of updates to Office 2021 volition besides see support for acheronian mode. Alongside enhanced slideshow signaling for PowerPoint and a wide of updated Excel functions, determination should beryllium plentifulness to support your blessed and productive. 

Microsoft has said that it volition enactment Office 2021 for 5 years with that enactment ending successful October 2026. The pricing for Office 2021 volition besides beryllium the aforesaid arsenic it is for Office 2019. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 17 September 2021.

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