Microsoft is announcing new Surface products on 22 September

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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft sent connection retired contiguous of a caller merchandise lawsuit planned for 22 September, wherever the institution is expected to uncover their lineup of caller Surface devices, including the archetypal successor to the foldable Surface Duo and a caller Surface Book laptop that’s presumed to beryllium getting some a caller sanction and a large redesign. 

The Surface Duo, which initially launched astatine an eye-watering $1,399 / £1,349, was Microsoft's archetypal foray into the foldable market, featuring 2 abstracted 5.6 inch displays that closed with a laptop-like hinge arsenic opposed to azygous show foldable by Samsung arsenic seen connected the Galaxy Z line. 

To work our overview connected what precisely the Surface Duo is, click here. To larn much astir the Galaxy Z series, tap here

As per what we expect connected an upcoming 4th procreation Surface Book, rumour has it that Microsoft is readying connected ditching the Surface Book moniker altogether and alternatively rename the laptop thing on the lines of either the Surface Laptop Studio oregon the Surface Laptop Pro. Allegedly, Microsoft is readying connected conjoining the rebranding with a large redesign, wherever the instrumentality is expected to suffer its detatchable show but alternatively see an iPad Pro Magic Keyboard-like strategy with a dual hinge setup wherever users tin 'lift' oregon 'pull' the show person towards them. 

The Studio branding Microsoft is expected to usage comes from the Surface Studio Microsoft introduced backmost successful 2016, wherever the bundle elephantine took a large leap astatine designing a genuinely innovative caller all-in-one desktop acquisition which allowed users to dynamically set the predisposition of the show should they take to gully connected it with the Surface Pen oregon bash 3D CAD enactment and whatnot. 

At immoderate rate, Microsoft should person a slew of unsocial and absorbing products to uncover travel 22 September, truthful enactment tuned arsenic we screen it each erstwhile the large time comes. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 1 September 2021.

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